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крутая штука

автор продает чертежи деревянных часов по 37 баксов ,но конкретно эти занесены у него в уголок мазохиста
и от что там написано

The wonderful mechanisms on this page are listed here under "Masochist's Corner" because they are not only much more difficult to build, but, unlike all the other plans I offer, these DO NOT come with a set of building instructions or a materials list. To order a set of plans from this page, one must first send me a picture of a completed wooden clockworks of MY design, and then, in some way demonstrate a demented lack of frustration in their life. Only the most masochistic, frustration-craving individuals should apply. If you qualify, apply by clicking on the "Contact Me" link below.

Selling plans for the clocks on this page goes against my basic philosophy of trying to spread joy in the world through creative woodworking. However, I have come to the conclusion that I should not stand in the way of a woodworker's desire for additional frustration in his/her life when they obviously want it so badly.

Remember- I absolutely require the woodworker to have successfully completed at least one of MY clock designs before ordering a clock from this page. NO exceptions! Also no whining.

типа соберите что попроще тогда дам вам попробовать эти )))

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